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VetAssure Class B Steriliser
Midmark - VetAssure Class B Steriliser
Product Code:VB1870000

Good looking and elegant on the outside, but reliable and uncomplicated on the inside, the Midmark VetAssure range of B and S class sterilisers are your perfect partner for instrument processing in today’s busy veterinary environment.

Our Italian design provides sleek, stylish lines, to enhance the look of even the parts of your surgery unvisited by patients, whilst maintaining easily wipeable surfaces for decontamination and optional data capture for effortless record keeping.

Whether you use your steriliser all day every day or less frequently, the Midmark VetAssure is the reliable, cost effective unit for your practice, processing unwrapped instruments for immediate use or pouched items which can be stored until required.

Maximise throughput and efficiency
We recognise that the steriliser is a crucial behind the scenes workhorse in your practice, providing a critical step in ensuring sterilised instruments are available on time for your next patient. Our speedy, pre-programmed cycles ensure rapid throughput and no bottlenecks in your instrument workflow.

Maximise Uptime
Our highly trained network of engineers can provide validation services, technical support, on-going training for your practice staff, routine maintenance and service back-up for your steriliser, maximising uptime of this vital step in your instrument processing cycle.

Thanks to our first-rate combination of vacuum, pressure and temperature, the Midmark VetAssure offers first class steam penetration into every type of load. Our Class B cycle parameters are accurately monitored and controlled through every step of the cycle, ensuring maximal steam to instrument contact and even temperature distribution, creating optimal conditions for sterilisation. This ensures even the most difficult to reach areas of intricate and complex veterinary instruments, even those with long lumens, are exposed to the right conditions for sterilisation to occur. Our vacuum pulse at the end of the cycle also guarantees fast, effective and full drying of the load.

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